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Our People

These are some good people.


Rob Eberhardt - Partner

Rob grew up in Houston, Texas, where he went to a nationally recognized magnet school specializing in math, science and technology. He quickly realized engineering wasn’t his passion and graduated with a B.S. in Communication Studies from the University of Texas, where he was president of his fraternity, served on the Communication Council and made the dean’s list. As a junior in college in the summer of 2002, Rob got an internship position at Stanford Research, where he quickly discovered his fascination with research.

Rob has now overseen all research that has come out of the Austin office for five years, serving hundreds of political campaigns in 42 states along with various interest groups, super PACs and corporate clients.
Rob’s research has been featured in local and national papers, including the Wall Street Journal. He has taught opposition research techniques at a seminar for Democracy for Texas.


Sonia Van Meter - Partner

Sonia is a cum laude graduate of Georgia State University where she earned her B.A. in Sociology. She moved to Austin in 2003 to attend graduate school at the University of Texas at Austin but soon found she preferred activism to academia. Following a stint in sales for a major liquor distributor, she joined Stanford Campaigns in March 2009 and quickly found a professional home.

With no professional experience in politics, Sonia took the helm of the firm’s business operations and steered the operation to more solid financial footing with acumen gleaned from her years in the liquor industry. A decade of experience with sales, brand management, and networking taught her valuable lessons that she brought with her to Stanford Campaigns—keep the client happy, smile no matter what, and always get the money up front.


Josh Cohn - Research Analyst

He is a graduate of Lewis & Clark College where he majored in Political Science and interned for Senator Jeff Merkley in Washington D.C. In 2012 he accepted an internship position with Stanford Campaigns where word of his coffee making expertise quickly spread. As a result of this and his comprehensive research skills he was promoted to analyst within a year.

During his tenure at Stanford Campaigns, Josh has done exemplary research for organizations and campaigns at all levels across the country. This has led to productive conclusions for both the campaigns and for Josh, who now knows which states and counties are the greatest bureaucratic nightmares.

He lives in Austin where he spends his time listening to live music and recovering from sunburns.


Paul Vasey - Research Analyst

Paul received a B.A. in Political Science from Macalester College and developed a taste for research after spending two years assisting the department chair with a book project on the transformation of war. After moving to New York in 2009, Paul worked briefly on Bill Thompson’s mayoral campaign before spending several years as the Executive Assistant to the Chairman of Immunology at Memorial Sloan –Kettering Cancer Center. 

In his spare time, Paul enjoys playing jazz guitar and dominating his fantasy football leagues.


Meredith Fickel - Project Coordinator

Joining Stanford Campaigns in January of 2017, Meredith brings several years of on the ground campaign experience to the firm, including voter registration efforts, organization and planning for major fundraising events, and direct contact with donors and potential voters for campaigns including Bill White’s 2010 run for Texas governor, the Obama re-election campaign of 2012, and State Rep. Mark Strama’s many campaigns. Her most valuable lesson from these experiences has been learning how to not take cold call phone hang-ups personally.

Meredith previously worked as a legal assistant for a bankruptcy law firm, honing her office management and legal research skills, before joining Stanford Campaigns. As Project Coordinator, she immediately tackled several organizational obstacles and streamlined operations processes, firmly establishing herself as an “efficiency expert” for the firm. She also performs client research and manages special projects ranging from event planning to client database management. 

Meredith graduated with her B.A. in Political Science from Texas A&M in 2015. When she’s not fighting the good fight for Democrats at her desk, she’s spending time with her two dogs or teaching horseback riding lessons.