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We can handle the truth.

Stanford Campaigns has the top-level experience that comes from having worked hundreds of campaigns in 45 states. Our clients include state and federal Democratic Party committees, major interest groups, labor unions, Fortune 500 companies, and more than 30 Members of Congress.

Our extensive research experience—combined with our first-hand knowledge of how campaigns really work—means you have three reasons why Stanford Campaigns will excel in helping you get the most out of your opposition research book:

  1. We know what you need. We know how real life on a campaign requires actionable, accurate information that make the needle move. We won’t bury you under a pile of research and layer it with excessive nuance.  We give you research written with a constant eye on its utility for your campaign. 
  2. We’re in it to win it. Every established research firm will deliver a credible book.  Because of our extensive campaign experience, we know that in a lot of ways, a big part of our job starts when we turn our reports in.  We emphasize that once the books are done, the research is not.  We are there to provide any follow-up necessary to the campaign.  We have fact-checked literally hundreds of TV scripts in anticipation of truth-testing and the opposition’s response.  We know how to help push back on attacks that come your way at midnight.  We love developing new research along the way that can give fuel to a media fire, but as much as we enjoy the back-and-forth of a campaign, we know that perhaps our highest calling on a campaign is preventing the mistakes that can derail a winning campaign.
  3. We know you don’t have time to read. Our research reports have exceeded 1,000 pages on occasion.  We know you don’t have time to read a book at all when you’re running a campaign, much less a long one.  That’s why we format our reports much like a web page, hyperlinking the chapters and subchapters in the table of contents, allowing you to jump to exactly where you need to be in a few seconds. One client called it “the crack cocaine of research.”  We like to think of it as a tool to make our research reports much more useful to your campaign.  



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