Stanford Campaigns
Opposition Research for a Post-Truth Era


It's a dirty job.
We love to do it.

opposition research

Any credible researcher can find public records and dump them into a report.  Stanford Campaigns is different because, unlike other researchers who started in party offices or consulting firms, we got our start in campaigns.


campaign strategy

Good campaigns have clear chains of command, simple structures and unambiguous goals. These services include oversight of the infrastructure, writing the budget, building the campaign team, training the candidate, and setting the schedule. Our strategic services make sure that your campaign doesn’t waste it’s most precious resource: time.

Due Diligence

Stanford Campaigns specializes in large-scale criminal background projects for political field programs as well as one-time projects for the occasional hire. Whether its individuals for block walking or companies you may be interested in working with, we not only provide quick results, but our searches are much more comprehensive than any instant background check site. We work with your budget and schedule and tell you what kind of coverage you will get at a price point that keeps you competitive.